PBS for Teachers
Students: tell me how this table should be organized.
What are the categories and which subject fit into each category?
Building Academic Vocabulary
Multiple Intelligences Lesson Plans by Clifford Morris and Branton Shearer
Writing Lesson Plans: Multiple Intelligences:"Seven Ways of Knowing" (Gardner)
5000 Collegiate Words with Brief Definitions
A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples
Purple Math modules
Brainy Quotes
Sacred Texts
Concepts to Classroom
Science Magazine
How to EXCEL
Automate And Improve and Improve your Excel Worksheets
Discover Channel: Mythbusters
Implicit Association Test [Understanding Prejudice]
Strange Artifacts
Antikythera Mechanism
An Ancient Greek Computer?
Anagram: a word or phrase formed by reordering the letters or another word or phrase
USA : Promethean Worldwide
The Lucifer Effect: understanding how good people turn evil
Racism and the Crisis of Urban Education
How to build it
Native American Journalists Association
National Association of Hispanic Journalists
National Association of Black Journalist
What is it?
Armillary Sphere
Syracuse Cultural Workers: More great posters and other resources.
Songs for Teaching: You can pretty much find a song to teach ANYTHING on this website.
Teaching Tolerance. They have great FREE posters, in addition to other free teacher resources.
Rubistar: A great site that creates rubrics for a variety of subjects, grade levels and projects.
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Black Pharaohs